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The Friendly Kitchen could not exist without the involvement of the greater Concord NH community. Broadly speaking, there are two categories of volunteering and collaborating organizations that enable us to carry out our mission: Volunteer Serving Groups and Collaborating and Cooperating Organizations.

Our weekday breakfast and lunch volunteers consist of individuals who volunteer their time but are not necessarily part of either of these broad categories of volunteers.

*We are currently not accepting new volunteers at this time. Please check back at a later date. Thank you!*


volunteers at Friendly Kitchen
volunteers at Friendly Kitchen
volunteers at Friendly Kitchen

Volunteer Serving Groups

Volunteer Serving Groups include all those people who prepare and serve meals and clean up afterward. Most of these serving groups are connected with area churches and religious institutions, but not all. Others are representatives of local businesses and service clubs, and still others are simply families and friends who have banded together to help those in need.


Partial List of Collaborating and Cooperating Organizations

This category includes businesses and agencies and individuals that donate food and other supplies, or that provide in-kind services that help make life better for people in need.