Family Friendly Meal Program

Concord, New Hampshire has so much to offer its residents, but many would be surprised to learn that areas in Concord are considered a food desert. As defined by the USDA, food deserts are low-income communities in the United States that lack stores which sell healthy and affordable food. The lack of access to stores in these communities may contribute to poor diet, obesity, and other diet-related illness. 

The Friendly Kitchen, Concord’s only soup kitchen, has been a staple in the city for 40 years feeding those less fortunate. However, we do not serve many families and we know we can always do more. We know there are many families unable to come to the Friendly Kitchen to receive a meal, that is why for the first time we are bringing the meals to them!

We are piloting with Merrimack Valley Day Care (MVDC), The Boys & Girls Club of Concord, The Friends Program and other non-profit agencies to begin our Family Friendly Meals program, which will provide family size takeaway meals at their various locations.  Family Friendly Meals will not only provide take-bake style meals for families in need, but we will also provide education around food assistance programs, such as SNAP and WIC.