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Volunteer Appreciation Month

As we emerge from one of the toughest winters we have seen here at The Friendly Kitchen, I remain optimistic and grateful for the support of this community.

It is incredible to reflect on the last two years and realize we never missed one meal, and that is thanks to donors like you. Your generosity enabled us to be nimble and creative when the world turned upside down. I would be remiss if I did not thank our incredible fleet of volunteers- without them, this organization would not be the same.

April is volunteer appreciation month, and I am excited to highlight just a few of the incredible groups who have been volunteering at The Friendly Kitchen for years! We have a staggering 700 volunteers who are willing to grab an apron and show up for a shift. They are truly the backbone of this organization and I hope you will consider giving a gift in their honor this month. The impact of your donation is simple: you are providing warm, healthy, nutritious food to a person in need, one meal at a time. I thank you for your continued support! With


Valerie Guy, Executive Director

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